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Our Clients

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We have clients who are in start up business, established small and medium sized businesses. Well diversified clients in:

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Retail Distribution


Retail distribution is the process of getting products from manufacturers to end consumers through a network of intermediaries such as wholesalers, distributors, and retailers. It involves managing inventory, transportation, and logistics to ensure products are available in the right quantities and locations to meet customer demands efficiently. This system plays a vital role in connecting suppliers and consumers, ensuring a smooth flow of goods throughout the supply chain.


Construction is the process of creating buildings, infrastructure, and other physical structures. It involves various stages, including planning, design, material sourcing, and actual construction. Skilled labor, equipment, and project management are essential for successful completion. The construction industry is crucial for urban development and economic growth.

Housing Developers

Housing developers are companies or individuals involved in the construction and development of residential properties. They play a vital role in shaping urban landscapes by creating new housing communities and infrastructure. From planning and design to construction and sales, housing developers contribute to meeting the growing demand for housing and providing people with comfortable living spaces. Their efforts significantly impact the housing market and urbanization trends.


Plantations are large-scale agricultural estates dedicated to cultivating specific crops such as coffee, tea, sugar, rubber, or palm oil. These agricultural enterprises often involve labor-intensive farming practices and are usually found in tropical or subtropical regions with suitable climatic conditions. Plantations play a significant role in global commodity production and have historical ties to colonial economies. However, they have also faced scrutiny for their impact on the environment and labor practices.

Small Localized Industries

Small localized industries are small-scale businesses that operate within a specific community or region, serving local markets with goods or services. These industries often cater to niche markets and play a vital role in the local economy by creating jobs and contributing to the community’s economic development. They offer personalized products or services and foster a sense of community engagement, promoting a sustainable and close-knit business ecosystem.