The company partners are the front runners of the practice, having held senior managerial positions in multinational corporations both in Malaysia and overseas. In addition to their prior working knowledge in manufacturing and plantation multinationals, they also have more than twenty years of experience in public practice. Our partners and staff form a cohesive team, continuously striving together to provide more efficient and effective service to our clients.


Our services are as follows:

1. Auditing and Financial Assurance services.
2. Tax Compliance and Advisory services.
3. Financial and Management Accounting systems sales and support services
4. Corporate Advisory services


Our clients are from various established small and medium-sized businesses and also those in start-up business. Our clients are well diversified and wide spectrum of industries. They are in retail distribution, construction, housing development, integrated logistics, manufacturing, plantations, shipping, waste recycling, education, small localized industries and non-profit making operations.

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